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You love music? You appreciate perfect sound quality? You prefer relaxed listening with natural timbres over party levels? Here’s a nice little power amplifier which makes music listening big fun, but remains totally cool and is easy on your purse.

The musicbook: 50 is a fully balanced stereo power amp in class-D technology which is based on a multi-patented circuit design, the UCD amplifier. Owing to an entirely discrete circuit design and careful finetuning this technology can develop its sound potential to the full extent. Detailed, natural and dynamic sound! If you’re primarily interested in delightful music listening, we’ve got an insiders’ tip for you!

At one glance

  • Balanced class-D power amplifier
  • 2 x 80 W output power
  • Discrete circuit layout
  • Patented UCD technology
  • Perfect amplifier for small to mid-sized loudspeakers