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Birdland Series Loudspeakers

Lindemann proudly presents a new range of speakers based on 30 years of experience and passion for loudspeakers.

Compact in size, with high efficiency and the ultimate in resolution, these speakers have what it takes to become an audio industry benchmark. No compromises have been accepted in pursuit of this ambitious goal, and only the best of today's available materials have been used in their construction. Completely handmade in Germany, Birdland speakers promise a totally new listening experience.









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More design highlights

  • Cryogenically treated, Swiss-made pure copper terminals
  • German-made copper foil inductors from Mundorf
  • Lindemann »Kind of Blue« pure copper internal wiring
  • Floor-vented (BL-20, BL-30) or rearside-vented (BL-10) resonator: plug-and-play performance, positioning not room-critical
  • 5 years warranty