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USB-DDC 24/192


The Lindemann USB-DDC is the missing link between the computer and high performance hi-fi systems. It enables the interference-free transfer of music files - a must for every audiophile listener.



The Lindemann USB-DDC 24/192 is an asychronous digital-to-digital converter (also known as a USB link) which allows music files to be played via the USB port of a PC or a Mac at resolutions up to 24 bit/192 kHz. Combined with a suitable music player program, you can enjoy bit-perfect playback at all common sample rates.

The USB-DDC 24/192 converts the digital data from the USB port to the S/PDIF (LPCM) digital audio format, which is converted to a high-quality analog output signal by D/A-converters or CD players with digital inputs. The sound quality depends solely on the D/A-converter used and can meet even the highest expectations.

Unlike other products on the market, the USB-DDC 24/192 has an additional data processing circuit (with data buffering and clock-synchronization), which means it can guarantee an output signal jitter performance that not even the most expensive CD drives can match. The grounding system is completely electrically insulated in order to prevent interference from the PC from negatively affecting the hi-fi system.

You can operate the device in either Full Speed mode up to 24/96 or High Speed mode up to 24/192, simply by setting a jumper inside it. In Full Speed mode, plug and play operation without additional drivers is possible with any operating system. High-speed mode requires a driver to be installed on your computer.

Getting started

Getting started

On delivery, the USB-DDC 24/192 is set to High Speed mode. This mode supports music files at up to 24 bits and 192 kHz. Installation of a driver is required, which can be found on the CD included with your delivery or online via our download section. Connect the device using the supplied USB cable to a free USB port on your computer and select it as the playback device in the Sound menu (Windows) or in the Audio-MIDI setup (Mac OS). You can set the sample rate and the playback resolution here. Then connect the digital output of the USB-DDC to the digital input of the D/A converter. The device is ready to use straight away and lights up red as soon as music is played. After installation is completed, the USB-DDC 24/192 replaces the internal sound card of your computer.

You can find detailed information on installation, configuring the various operating systems and setting the sample rate in the Installation Guide (TENOR).

If you mainly play music from CDs and only occasionally play high-resolution files with higher sample rates, our experience has shown that it is better to operate the USB-DDC in Full Speed mode. This puts less strain on your computer in terms of CPU usage, and older converters usually sound better with this input signal. Also, many converters are unable to accept 24/192 via S/PDIF. It is a mistake to believe that a higher (potential) sample rate improves the sound quality when playing files with CD resolution. In fact, the opposite is true.

You can use a jumper to switch the device to 24 bits and 96 kHz (Full Speed mode). Look for more information about that topic in the Tips & Tricks section.

System requirements

System requirements

Minimum requirements for playing music with your Lindemann USB-DDC:

  • PC or notebook including one free USB-Port and Intel Core 2 @ 1.6GHz or AMD equivalent processor with at least 1GB RAM.
  • DAC (digital to analog converter) or CD-player with digital input
  • sufficent disk space for your sound files (hard disc, server, NAS)
  • a music player (Playback software) such as iTunes (Mac), Foobar (PC), Pure Music Player (Mac) or J.River Media Center (PC).
  • a suitable operating system:

    Windows XP
    Windows Vista (incl. 64bit in Full Speed Mode)
    Windows 7 (incl. 64bit in Full Speed Mode)
    Apple OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard) or higher


  • 24 bit/192 kHz resolution (HD master quality)
  • Superb sound quality due to extremely low jitter clock (<50ps typical)!
  • Complete galvanic isolation of computer and hi-fi system
  • No external power supply needed: device (USB) powered from the PC
  • Compatible with all current operating systems
  • 3 years warranty