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03.07.2014It was worth to wait for:

Lindemann is pleased to announce completion of the long-awaited USB-DACs musicbook:10 and 15.

Being familiar with our network players, you already know the first class optics and workmanship. Operation of the new DACs is very comfortable. Sound performance exceeds all expectations; even that of our “mastermind“ Norbert Lindemann.

Important features at a glance:

  • Asynchronous mode USB-interface of the newest generation (XMOS U8).
  • All formats, all resolutions: DSD64/DSD128, PCM up to 32bit/384kHz.
  • Separate converter module for USB; brand new converter module AK4490.
  • High-precision dual-frequency-clock with DPLL and extremely low jitter < 250 fs.
  • Pure native DSD. DSD-signals only filtered, not converted into PCM.
  • Bit-transparent, synchronous conversion without samplerate converter for USB.
  • Balanced converter-preamp.
  • Balanced, analog volume control.
  • Class-A headphone amplifier.
  • Musicbook :15 incl. high class TEAC CD-Drive. 

20.04.2014Lindemann at the HIGH END 2014

The well known and well respected HIGH END show in Munich is ahead - and as always, we are proud to be part of it.

This year Lindemann is exhibiting together with Manger Speakers - a combination suitable like no other system to demonstrate the advantages of high resolution files.

Experience high-quality German workmanship and outstanding sound!

Where? HIGH END 2014, Munich, Germany, Room F211. Atrium 4, second floor.

When? May 15th-18th, 2014 / 10am to 6pm each day

13.11.2013Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver is among the biggest and best audio shows in the US. More than 170 exhibit rooms on 8 floors made this show an important event for consumers, press and vendors alike.

Lindemann and our exhibit partner Manger Products obviously left a lasting impression:

31.05.2013885 wins award!

Every two years German High-End magazine image hifi awards a prize for outstanding products in different categories.

Again, Lindemann is among the best of the best.

Our 885 Integrated Power Amplifier wins in the category "Integrated Amp".

The associated review can be found HERE.

19.12.2012Science meets Sorcery

Two major print publications have recently released excellent reviews.


Magazine "Fidelity", Issue 1/13 / GERMANY / 830S & 858 / "Do you believe in Magic?"

"As close to the music as you can get with today's technology."

"...not only a flawless, first class performance, but also a magical experience."

"For me these amplifiers are the discovery of the year."

This review will be available for download on our website soon.


Magazine "The Absolute Sound", Issue #225 / USA/ USB-DAC 24/192 / "Four DACs from $699 to $3600"

"Putting an $1100 DAC against a $3500 one would not be considered a fair fight under most circumstances, but to give you an idea of how well the Lindemann DAC performs, that is its competition."

"...if audio quality is your primary purchase criteria you'll be hard-pressed to find a DAC that convincingly beats it."

This review (and the whole issue) can be purchased at

23.11.2012Win 8 drivers available for USB-DAC 24/192 and 825!

Lindemann devices using the XMOS USB-interface - the USB-DAC 24/192 & 825 HD Disc Player - are now fully compatible with Windows 8 systems.

The new driver may require a firmware update. 

Please use our official enquiry form. All further information can be found here.

11.10.2012Keep your ears out for a big sound!

"You may not have heard of this player, or of Lindemann, but keep your ears out for a big sound from this quiet company."

Read the full review here:

23.07.2012The path to musical Nirvana...

Roy Gregory, founder of Hi-Fi+, had a closer look at our 825 HD Disc Player.

". . .the most affordable (and versatile) digital front-end that I could happily live with."

Read the full review here:

26.06.2012High End / Hifi Deluxe 2012

Roy Gregory, the longtime editor of Hi-Fi+, has looked around at this year's High End and the off-site HiFi Deluxe parallel show.

He writes:

"Few systems you’ll hear will be as lucid and immediately communicative as an all-Lindemann setup...Lindemann could just be one of the audio industry’s best-kept secrets."

No wonder that Lindemann ranks among the top-five of great sounding rooms.

You can read the whole report here:

24.04.2012International reviews online

Birdland BL-10 speaker (Jack Roberts):

"The sound totally defies their size. It’s hard to not talk about how good these speakers are for their size, but the truth is they are really good among speakers of any size."

Full article:

825 HD Disc Player (Ed Momkus):

"If you are considering spending five figures for a DAC/transport, by all means, go listen to the $30,000 and up units. But after you've done that be sure to compare the Lindemann 825. You just might find yourself with some significant money you can give to charity or pay for another semester or two of your children's college education."

Full article:

16.04.2012"Pure Music" Digital Workshop powered by Lindemann

Rob Robinson, Channel D's Director of Engineering and developer of the well-known  Pure Music® &amp; Pure Vinyl® software, will be our guest for the hifideluxe show in Munich! Mr. Robinson is planning to hold a daily seminar (18 - 20h) to provide further insight into his excellent music players. An opportunity not to miss!

More information about the workshop and Rob Robinson can be found here:

12.04.2012New partner for Belgium

Alpha High End sound & vision offers two excellent studios in central locations in Antwerp, Belgium, for auditioning Lindemann USB devices as well as full Lindemann systems.

More information and contact details can be found at

24.02.2012New partner for Southeast Asia

We are glad to welcome AV One as new Lindemann partner for Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam!

The AV One Group distributes multiple award-winning brands of premium audiophile stereo systems since its inception in 1998.

Learn more:

25.01.2012USB-DAC 24/192 in focus

Our USB-converter using the highly regarded XMOS-chipset has been honored twice. Online magazines from Germany and the US had a closer look at this excellent device. 

Magazine: Positive Feedback (English)

Magazine: Fairaudio (German)

16.12.2011Birdland BL-10 reviewed by German HiFi magazine

After the fantastic review of our 825 HD Disc Player, the German High-End Magazine "Hoererlebnis" had a look at our compact monitor BL-10 this time. The result was really impressive: For Mr. Wippermann, the writer, the Birdland BL-10 "is simply the best compact monitor" he has ever experienced so far. Well, there is nothing to add.

Unfortunately this review is only available in German yet.

There are more reviews coming up in English though - stay tuned!    

08.11.2011Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011, Denver, USA

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver is probably one of the biggest and best high-end audio shows in the US. More than 180 exhibitors from all over the world made this show an important event for consumers, press and vendors alike.

Lindemann and our US partner One World Audio together with a phonostage from Zesto Audio apparently knew how to impress: We have been awarded "Best Sound of the show" by Stereotimes writer Paul Mah.

Read the whole article (incl. video):

24.10.2011New review of the 825 available!

In the current issue of the German High Fidelity Magazine "Hoererlebnis" the Lindemann 825 HD Disc Player received another outstanding review. "Review" is not the right term here - since "Hoererlebnis" is a magazine by readers for readers. That means no advertising, no rankings and no classifications. Just a description of the pure listening experience.

Download this review as PDF here and read for yourself!

06.10.2011Lindemann presenting new Integrated Amplifier

The first US appearance of the new 885 Integrated Power Amplifier will debut this October at RMAF 2011. This unique amplifier design represents a pinnacle in the evolution of solid state technology.

The 885 opens a whole new chapter: the circuit design principle of the “single ended push-pull” amplifier, which was derived from valve technology, is being employed for the first time ever in a fully-symmetrical transistor amplifier with current feedback. The unique combination of these technologies yield a decisive advantage in audio quality: providing the listener with increased "speed", "accuracy", musical realism, and less listening fatigue at all volume levels.

  • Dual-mono configuration
  • Symmetrical signal processing
  • Push-pull output stage
  • Intelligent quiescent current adjustment
  •  “Current mode” amplifier


RMAF 2011: 11th Floor, Room #1118 & 4th Floor, Room #407

Norbert Lindemann will be on hand, from Germany, to further explain this unique approach. Come and audition our Lindemann system as we provide a musical presentation consisting of: Analog, High Definition Computer Streaming and Compact Disc.


Press Contact:

Jonathan Josephs

One World Audio

Richmond, CA 94804

T: 415.244.8663

05.08.2011Comprehensive relaunch: new Lindemann website online!

Following an extensive period of consultation, Lindemann launched its new website. The new site incorporates a number of significant improvements developed on the basis of extensive usability testing.

Clear overview of the entire product range

Improvements include clearer navigation based on the needs of users and a much clearer design. The new website also provides comprehensive information about products and services as well as the latest news from Lindemann, current projects, and much more. 

New basis for future online activities

This measure has created a new basis for online activities, which will be further developed in the future. Be prepared and look forward to interesting and useful features!

Be part of it!

We want our new website to be everything you want it to be and so we would love to know your thoughts. Please email any (constructive) comments to and let us know what you think.

Be up-to-date!

Register now and never miss out again. Every now and then the Lindemann newsletter provides an overview of current projects, latest products and music recommendations. Subscribe here.

20.07.2011California Audio Show, San Francisco, USA

After the outstanding feedback in June at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, Lindemann components again proved to be a great success. Our US-partner One World Audio showcased a huge soundstage at the California Audio Show that was ranked among the favorite rooms of the show.

The BL-10 stand mounted loudspeakers were considered "easily the best sound of the show". This is all we really need to say at this point. Read for yourself. (Home Theater High Fidelity) (Positive Feedback, Issue 56)

01.07.2011New partner for Lindemann

We are glad to welcome Hifi Michel as a new Lindemann partner! In the very heart of Hamburg the experienced team presents a whole range of Lindemann products (incl. cables).

More information and contact details can be found at


11.06.2011T.H.E Show, Newport Beach, USA

Our US partner One World Audio presented Lindemann at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach from June, 3-5 with great success. Many customers considered One World Audio and Lindemann one of the best sounding rooms at the show. People were also genuinely impressed with the BL-10 's performance and design.

The following three links mentioned our products at this show: